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Wewin Holding & Co Ltd.

We are a privately held company, incorporated in Hong Kong.

Wewin Holding & Co Ltd.

We also have a subsidiary called Wewin Impex Co Ltd incorporated in Mainland China.

Wewin Holding & Co Ltd.

We are now slowly building our website to bring you a slew of products which are functional, beautiful with a bit of luxury, which do not cost the earth.

About US

We are Wewin Holding & Co Ltd. / Wewin Impex Co Ltd

We started in the trading business and providing logistics support services from 2006.

The business grew rapidly, reflecting the two mottos of transparency and sincerity.

The company was incorporated in 2008 in Hong Kong, and later opened a subsidiary in Mainland China.

We have always maintained close harmony with several trusted vendors, and later actively collaborated with design and functionality ideas.

Hence, we have developed a portfolio of various varied products, which are aesthetically pleasing as well as useful.

Our Brands

Our Brands

In our portfolio of products, our aims were twofold. One is to provide a bit of luxury which does not cost the earth. This range we call Bitalux. We also developed another range of products for the cost conscious which we called the Comfitter. As would be apparent, the word Comfitter is derived from comfort, and that has been our focus for this range in our portfolio. Comfort to use and comfortable to buy.

Our Products

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Contact Us

Wewin Holding & Co Ltd

Mainland China: Phone:

Our Phone

Tel: +86 757 28019700

Mobile: +86 1867 6565 065


Office Location

No 303, Building 3, No. A 120, Jianshe Road, East Area, Le Cong Town, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China – 528315.

Corporate Email

info at

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